Restless™ — Is the creative practice of Jo Van Grinderbeek, a freelance creative who makes smart craft for brands, experiences, digital products, and services. Driven by a passion for creative innovation and advanced technology.

restless — all great things are created in the restless space between method and madness* ↓

I make things people want and make people want things. 

SELECT WORK FROM 2019 — 2020  ↓

What if we could rejuvenate the iconic Samsonite brand.

Born to Go. A new baseline that unifies the brand DNA with that of our target audience. Since the traditional adventure has shifted to the Urban Adventure, we took city life as the foundation for a whole new visual identity. The result: a new brand universe as dynamic as the city life it is based on. Adaptable for all purposes and all markets.

client: Samsonite
agency: Wunderman Thompson Antwerp
technology: /
status: released
role: design director — brand experience

What if we could make sexting more safe and secure for teenagers.

The Flemish media company Telenet has launched a new app that provides extra protection if you are in the habit of texting saucy photos of yourself to contacts. Telenet calls the app a “digital condom”.

client: Telenet
agency: Wunderman Thompson Antwerp
technology: watermarks with senders iD
status: released end 2019
role: design director — brand experience

What if your target audience is missing out on social media.

Your website is a static window on your brand. It tells your story. It offers a way to let people buy. But it's slow in adapting to people's needs and appetite for something new. Social media on the other hand is fast-moving and instant. What if we blend your social media and your website in one seamlessly and truly ‘zero friction’ digital experience.

client: Toos Franken
partner: Defiant
technology: social blend
status: completed
role: idea, concept

What if change is inevitable but communicating about it is essential.

Change can rejuvenate and organization. But this process of change needs a well-thought-out vision and communication. Digital transformation is a journey, it requires behavior and cultural changes what makes it an emotional journey too. The right communications are vital through every part of the change curve. We will inspire people and take them with us on this journey of change for the better.

client: Federal Departement of Justice
partner: Cronos
technology: digital transformation / innovation
status: research and development of strategy
role: vision / communication


What if we could make people remember your ads twice as much on linear television.

Ai-driven TV advertising technology enables a broadcaster to place a brand’s ads next to relevant scenes in a linear TV show. Contextual advertising tech automatically identifies unique scenarios within a television show that present valuable contextual opportunities for advertisers. This plays on the emotional and subconscious feelings and mind of the viewer.

client: undisclosed
partner: Raccoons
technology: ai-image recognition
status: development
role: idea

Currently working as Creative business Director in a diverse eco-system of companies, thinkers, doers, and techies, continually reimagining ¯I_(ツ)_/¯a more human future for all of us.

Selected clients

Liberty Global, Telenet, Samsonite, Pioneer DJ, Samsung, Toos Franken, Orange, Van Marcke, ...


Growth through creative innovation, Creative Direction, Brand Experience, Brand Strategy, Storytelling, Product and service vision,...


Restless™  is the creative practice of Jo Van Grinderbeek, an Antwerp-based freelance creative director, storyteller, researcher, and cultural designer with a restless mind. Always looking for the next thing.

* Hamlet — William Shakespeare

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