At Restless Minds™, we define, brand and guide every aspect of the change experience: from a shared vision, strategic blueprint to change marketing, we craft transformations that are relevant, accepted and above all succesfull.

We define your change

We delve into your organization's essence to craft a unified vision for change. Our creative change consultancy approach blends Change Marketing with Change Management, focusing on aligning your goals with the aspirations and realities of your team. Collaborating closely with your internal departments, we ensure this vision resonates across all levels, laying a solid foundation for a transformation that's embraced by all.


We brand your change

Our expertise lies in turning your change objectives into captivating stories. We intertwine your organization's values and culture into these narratives, creating a powerful emotional connection. As a creative change consultancy, we work in harmony with your teams, ensuring these stories inspire action and reinforce your cultural identity. This approach is a testament to our skill in blending impactful Change Marketing with practical Change Management.

We guide your change

We guide your transformation from strategy to reality. Our role is to facilitate, not dictate, working alongside your internal teams and external experts. We provide clear communication and strategic insights, ensuring the change journey is practical and relatable. Our adaptive approach keeps the transformation relevant and dynamic, embodying our unique blend of Change Marketing and Change Management in every step of the journey.

Visioning Workshops
Facilitating interactive workshops to help identify and articulate the long-term vision and goals of your organization.
Stakeholder Analysis
Conducting comprehensive analyses to understand the needs, expectations, and influence of various stakeholders.
Cultural Assessment
Evaluating the current organizational culture to ensure alignment with the envisioned change.
Employee Insight Gathering
Using surveys, interviews, and focus groups to gather insights from employees at all levels.
Strategic Alignment Sessions
Aligning the envisioned change with the organization’s strategic objectives and capabilities.
Narrative Development
Crafting compelling stories that encapsulate the vision and goals of the change initiative.
Change marketing Plans
Developing strategic marketing plans to effectively convey the change narrative to different audience segments.
Visual Branding
Creating visual elements (like logos, themes, and infographics) that represent the change initiative.
Cultural Integration Strategies
Developing strategies to integrate the change narrative with the organization’s existing culture and values.
Engagement Campaigns
Launching internal campaigns to engage employees and build enthusiasm around the change narrative.
Stakeholder Management
This service streamlines communication and alignment across all levels, from C-level executives to employees and external partners. We ensure cohesive, ongoing interaction, keeping everyone informed and engaged to guide the change towards success.
Change Agent Training
Providing training and support to identified change agents within the organization to facilitate smooth change implementation.
Feedback Mechanisms
Establishing channels for continuous feedback from employees to monitor and adjust the change process.
Project Management Support
Offering project management expertise to ensure timely and effective implementation of change initiatives.
Sustainability Planning
Developing strategies to ensure the longevity and continued relevance of the change, post-implementation.

Services* : the exact services and processes would vary based on the nature of the change, the organization's size, the industry, and other contextual factors. We always tailor the offerings to your specific needs and not the other way around.


Discover a path where change is not just adopted but owned and celebrated. We're not just consultants; we're partners in crafting a change experience that's relevant, engaging, and successful. Ready to define, brand, and guide your change? Start your unique transformation with Restless Minds™ today.


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