Crafting a Swedish narrative

Cronos Nordics

Cronos, the innovative Belgian technology group, aimed to introduce its compelling story to Sweden's thriving startup environment through the launch of 'Cronos Nordics'. The branding is an aesthetic exercise and a powerful narrative reflecting empowerment, innovation, and sustainable growth tailored for the Swedish market. ‘Cronos Nordics’ is positioned as a pivotal partner for Swedish clients and entrepreneurs, promising a symbiotic journey towards success and innovation.

Market Analysis
Deep understanding of the Swedish startup environment's characteristics and potential areas for brand positioning.
Cultural Insight Research
Insight into Sweden’s unique business culture and practices.
Brand Development
Creation of ‘Cronos Nordics’ branding that encapsulates the ethos of the Swedish market while staying true to Cronos’s identity.
Narrative Construction
Crafting a compelling narrative for ‘Cronos Nordics that aligns with the new branding and resonates with the local audience.

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