We help organizations change for the better. What that means for your project strongly depends on your specific context and needs. To give you a general idea of what to expect, we’ve addressed the most frequently asked questions as transparently as possible.

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What is Restless Minds™?
Restless Minds™ is a creative change consultancy that excels in guiding organizations through transformative changes by integrating Change Marketing with Change Management. We focus on strategic leadership and project management, crafting captivating narratives that shift behaviors and perceptions.
What is a creative Change consultancy?
Unlike agencies with their own teams of designers, copywriters, and change managers, our core team consists of skilled strategists and project managers. We carefully select external experts in design, copywriting, change management, and other areas, tailoring our team to each client's specific needs. Our role is to expertly guide and manage the change process, acting as a vital link between the organization and these experts. With detailed stakeholder management, we ensure a well-coordinated and integrated transformation process. This approach allows us to provide highly customized and effective solutions, perfectly matched to each organization's unique challenges and objectives.
why change marketing is vital?
Change marketing is vital during transformation because it helps organizations overcome resistance, build a shared vision, encourage participation, drive positive change, enhance communication, and measure success. Successful change isn't just about new systems or rules. To truly transform your organization, you need to ignite the hearts and minds of your people. Change marketing is a strategic approach to promoting and implementing change within an organization or among its stakeholders. It goes beyond traditional marketing by focusing on the emotional and psychological aspects of change, rather than just the rational benefits. By using storytelling, creating a positive vibe, and fostering a sense of shared ownership, change marketing can help organizations navigate change effectively and build support for it.
What types of changes can RM™ implement?
We're experienced in a wide spectrum of changes, from strategic reorientation and culture change to operational efficiency and digital transformation. Our expertise also includes guiding leadership changes, mergers and acquisitions, and the human side of tech adoption.
Can RM™ help with smaller-scale changes?
Absolutely. While we specialize in comprehensive transformations, we understand the value of targeted changes within an organization and can provide focused strategies and support for smaller-scale initiatives.
What industries do Rm™ specialize in?
Our expertise spans across various sectors, including governmental and public services to private enterprises and commercial entities, lifestyle brands, and tech companies. Our diverse client base has one thing in common: a readiness to embrace profound change.
How Rm™ ensure that change is sustainable?
Sustainability is key to our change philosophy. We achieve this by rooting changes in the organization's core values, actively engaging employees, and ensuring that initiatives have a clear alignment with long-term strategic goals.
Why we focus on C-level executives?
C-level executives play a crucial role in driving and sustaining change. Our focus on these leaders ensures that the transformation has the mandate and the momentum from the top, fostering organization-wide commitment and resource allocation.
How long does a typical transformation take?
The duration varies by the scope and complexity of the change. It can range from a fast-track analysis of 4-6 weeks to multi-year strategic overhauls. We're committed to forming lasting partnerships, offering support until your organization is adept at independent change management.
What if we only need strategic consultation?
We're flexible. Our strategic consultation can stand alone to set a solid foundation for your change trajectory, with execution left to your internal teams or other partners if preferred.
Does Rm™ take on operational projects?
We occasionally take on operational projects if there's a solid strategic foundation in place. Our primary goal is to ensure the strategic framework is robust enough to guide successful operational changes.
Why does Restless Minds™ support rebranding but not initial branding?
Rebranding aligns with our expertise in transformation and evolution. It's about guiding an established identity through a strategic shift, which parallels our work in organizational change. Initial branding often doesn't require the same depth of transformational expertise that we specialize in.
Can Rm™ work with our existing teams?
Collaboration is at the heart of our approach. We pride ourselves on working alongside your internal teams, enhancing their capabilities with our expertise to co-create the change.

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