At Restless Minds™, we help organizations change for the better. What that means for your project strongly depends on your specific context and needs. To give you a general idea of what to expect, we’ve addressed the most frequently asked questions as transparently as possible.

What does Restless Minds™ specialize in?
Restless Minds™ specializes in providing high-level guidance and insightful strategies to C-level executives. They offer a range of services to assist organizations in navigating the complexities of change and achieving their visions. Restless Minds™ helps executives tackle the underlying causes of transformation and implement meaningful and lasting change within their organizations.
Is Restless Minds™ a branding agency?
Is Restless Minds™ a branding agency? While aesthetics matter to us, our approach goes far beyond looks. Restless Minds™ is not a branding agency; we are a strategic partner that provides dedicated guidance and advisory services to C-level executives, empowering them to navigate complex challenges and successfully bring their visions to life. Our team combines strategic change guidance with a deep understanding of human dynamics, ensuring that your people are fully engaged and motivated throughout the transformation journey. When you choose Restless Minds™, you're not partnering with a branding agency but with a change consultancy committed to realizing your vision into a tangible reality and shifting focus from making people want to change to create the change they genuinely desire.
Why do transformations fail and how can Restless Minds help ensure successful change?
Transformations often fail not because of technology, but due to people's lack of understanding or belief in the need for change. Shifting mindsets is crucial. Organizations struggle to identify the true root causes of unsuccessful change, often focusing on symptoms instead. Additionally, they overlook the importance of partnering with a strategic consultancy from the beginning. At Restless Minds, we address these challenges by searching for the underlying reasons behind change failures. We prioritize understanding the needs and desires of people within the organization. Rather than imposing change on them, we create the change they genuinely desire. We also emphasize the importance of strategic guidance right from the start, partnering with organizations to ensure a successful transformation. By taking into account the risk of failure and collaborating with Restless Minds as a strategic consultancy, organizations can increase their chances of achieving successful change. We help organizations identify the root causes, create a change that resonates with people, and guide them through the transformation process, setting the stage for a thriving future.
Which clients do you work for?
Our client list includes high-impact organizations such as the Federal Public Service of Justice and Port of Antwerp-Bruges, lifestyle labels such as Toos Franken, and technology companies such as iFacto and Atlas Copco. A varied list of organizations with very different activities with at least two things in common: a no-nonsense mindset and a willingness to take change to the next level. Our services are directed at brands, companies, organizations, and governments needing change. This usually includes organizations with 100+ employees looking to overhaul (parts of) their organization to streamline services, meet customer expectations, motivate employees, or stay relevant in an ever-changing world.
Does our organization fit the bill?
Restless Minds™ is a creative change agency, not a members-only nightclub. Everybody is welcome. But when it comes to teaming up with organizations, we do have a few boxes we like to tick. Actual change cannot happen without the willingness to dive deep, share, and cooperate. That is why to get the job done; we need full transparency, open communication, and access to C-level decision-making. 
Who will be working on our project?
At Restless Minds™, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our way of working is built around the fusion of change management and marketing. This means that each project requires a series of experts to approach topics and challenges from various angles. On average, four to six Restless Minds™ team members will work on your project – typically including a change architect and communications architect, a strategic lead, and a project manager.
The fusion of change management and marketing?
Traditional change agencies typically focus on getting organizations from state A to state B, whereas traditional marketing agencies focus on selling an idea to a target audience. At Restless Minds™, we believe one cannot exist without the other. Over the years, we have learned that people and how you communicate with them are the main drivers of successful change. That is why we fuse change management with marketing to create a new approach that doesn’t just identify change areas and opportunities but that helps sell the change to stakeholders to truly impact behaviors – and to build true, sustainable, in-depth change.
How long does a change trajectory usually take?
It depends. A full strategic overhaul of a large public organization can take up to four years. A fast-track change analysis takes four to six weeks from start to finish. At Restless Minds™, we prefer to think of our trajectories as partnerships rather than just one-shots that should be wrapped up as soon as possible. We don’t leave you with a high-level strategy, but we help you implement it and prefer to stick around and offer support until your newly-changed organization is 100% self-reliant. Because we believe that is the most sustainable way to build change.
Can we hire Restless Minds™ for strategy work only?
Yes, please! Strategy is what we do best. We would be delighted to help you build a solid strategic foundation for your change trajectory and leave the execution up to you and your partners!
Is a strategy for change always neccesarry?
Change starts from the inside out, not the other way around. Asking the right questions and looking at the bigger picture before implementing changes is how we make a difference for our clients. Why? We’ve noticed that if organizations start changing without a big-picture strategy, that change is often superficial, based on assumptions, and – most importantly – not very well received. If you feel like something needs to change, we feel it’s our responsibility to dig deeper and figure out where things really go wrong. By taking a helicopter view and looking at the bigger picture, we help you create a master plan of where you’re going and why. This enables you to decide what to do and when instead of just guessing – saving you lots of valuable time and resources, and helping you generate actual, high-impact change.
Can we hire Restless Minds for operational services only?
In exceptional cases, yes. But we don’t recommend it. Our strategy work is how we make a difference for clients every day. It is what sets us apart from both consultancy firms and creative agencies. That is why we don’t typically work on a change trajectory if we weren’t in charge of the strategic work that supports it. We may accept operational projects occasionally if a solid strategic change foundation is in place, but we would at least review before getting started.
What kind of guidance and insights does Restless Minds™ provide?
Restless Minds™ goes beyond surface-level fixes and offers in-depth guidance and insights to organizations. They understand that successful change requires addressing the root causes and challenges associated with transformation. By delving into the underlying factors, Restless Minds™ provides executives with a comprehensive understanding of the changes needed to bring their visions for the future into reality. Through their strategic support, they empower organizations to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and unlock their true potential.
How does Restless Minds™ approach change within organizations?
Restless Minds™ approaches change within organizations by adopting a holistic and strategic mindset. They recognize that change is not simply about implementing isolated initiatives but about driving a cultural shift. Their approach involves identifying the underlying causes of transformation, understanding the unique dynamics of each organization, and developing tailored solutions that align with their specific goals and objectives. By taking a comprehensive view, Restless Minds™ ensures that change becomes an integrated part of the organization's DNA, leading to sustainable and impactful outcomes.
What is the focus of Restless Minds™ when addressing transformation?
Restless Minds™ places a strong emphasis on addressing the changes that are truly needed to bring change into reality. They understand that superficial fixes may provide short-term results but fail to address the core issues that hinder long-term success. By diving deeper and understanding the underlying causes of transformation, Restless Minds™ ensures that organizations tackle the root challenges and implement meaningful change that aligns with their strategic objectives. Their focus is on driving purposeful, sustainable transformation, and capable of unlocking the organization's true potential.
What services does Restless Minds™ offer to organizations?
Restless Minds™ offers a wide range of services designed to support organizations throughout their change journeys. These services include strategic consultation, change management planning, stakeholder engagement, and communication strategies. They assist organizations in defining the necessary change by conducting thorough assessments, developing transformation roadmaps, and providing ongoing support and coaching. Restless Minds™ also offers training programs and workshops to build change management capabilities within organizations, ensuring that they are equipped to navigate change independently.
How does Restless Minds™ help organizations define the necessary change?
Restless Minds™ works closely with organizations to help them define the necessary change. They start by deeply understanding the organization's vision for the future and conducting a comprehensive assessment of its current state. Through a collaborative approach, Restless Minds™ engages key stakeholders and facilitates discussions to identify the areas that require transformation. They then help organizations articulate a clear vision, set achievable goals, and develop actionable plans to bring about the desired change. By combining their expertise with the organization's insights, Restless Minds™ ensures that the necessary change is clearly.

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