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Port Of Antwerp-Bruges

In the realm of change, the union of two giants demands not just an administrative merger, but a merging of cultures, values, and visions. On April 28th and 29th, the ports of Antwerp and Zeebrugge embarked on this transformative journey, celebrating their merger at the Antwerp Waagnatie. Under the evocative theme, "Dive Into The Future", this wasn't just an event—it was the beginning of a shared narrative for a united future.

Restless Minds™, a forward-thinking creative change consultancy, took the helm as the strategic and creative partner, collaborating with Sylvester, the event and production maestros. Our mission? Craft a compelling change narrative that takes every employee, partner, and stakeholder of both harbours on a voyage into the future narrative of the Port of Antwerp-Bruges.

The underwater theme we ideated was no mere aesthetic choice. It was symbolic of the depths of potential the merged ports held, the vast expanse of opportunities awaiting, and the deep unity now forming between previously distinct entities.

On Day 1, key figures, including Flemish ministers and port leaders, spotlighted the merger's significance, culminating in a symbolic lever pull. Day 2 celebrated the employees with a dance party, underscoring their vital role in the union's success.

The venue transformation, a visually arresting underwater panorama, was a testament to the potential that lies beneath, waiting to be harnessed. The ceiling projection spanning 800 m2 offered a lens into the future—a future submerged in promise and prosperity.

This strategic event, sculpted with the expertise of Sylvester and the innovative approach of Restless Minds™, was not just a celebration—it was the genesis of a change story. A story where the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, buoyed by the collective spirit of its people, charts a course towards an unparalleled future.


theme conceptualization
Sylvester and Restless Minds™ worked together to create the underwater theme, showing the depth and promise of the big, new port.
Creative direction
Restless Minds™ designed the event’s look and feel to show the positive side and the strength of the Antwerp-Bruges merger.
Experience strategy
Designed by Restless Minds™, the event experience left attendees feeling inspired and optimistic about the changes on the horizon.
Narrative Construction
Crafting a compelling narrative for ‘Dive Into The Future' that aligns with the new merger and resonates with every employee and partner involved.

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