Connecting with customers in lockdown

Toos Franken

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Belgian fashion brand Toos Franken navigated a dramatically altered consumer landscape. With physical stores deemed non-essential and consequently closed and limited distribution, the brand was compelled to recalibrate its approach to connect with and serve its customer base. Through strategic consultation and innovative customer engagement strategies, Toos Franken successfully navigated the pandemic, maintaining and strengthening its connection with its customer base. 


We conducted in-depth market research to understand the new consumer behavior trends, providing Toos Franken with insights and data to make strategic adjustments. Developed strategies that effectively engage the online consumer, creating initiatives that resonate with the customers’ current needs and preferences.
Implemented CRM strategies that centered on maintaining strong, personalized communication with customers, keeping them engaged and informed. Developed and executed a content strategy that fostered a sense of community and connection among the brand and its customers, including interactive social media campaigns and virtual events.
Provided strategic advice on optimizing the e-commerce platform for a more intuitive and user-friendly customer experience. Implemented features enhancing the online shopping experience, including virtual try-ons, personalized product recommendations, and efficient customer support channels.

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