Change can be tough

Let's face it: changing
an organization is tough.

McKinsey tells us a hard truth - 70% of transformation efforts fail. Why? Two big reasons: people aren't sharing the dream, and they're just not that into it. In other words, 'many' transformations fail because they lack a vision that excites everyone and fails to get people on board.

The Secret Ingredient: Inspiration

Here's the thing: people need to feel part of something bigger. They need to be inspired. It's not enough to tell them what's changing; we need to light a fire in their hearts about why it matters. That's where a lot of leaders miss the mark. They're good at the 'what' but forget the 'why.'

Change Marketing: More Than a Buzzword
Enter Change Marketing. It goes beyond traditional marketing by focusing on the emotional and psychological aspects of change, rather than just the rational benefits. Change marketing is not just about changing things; it's about changing the way people think and feel about change. It's about igniting the why within people's hearts and minds. It's about shifting perceptions and inspiring behaviors. It's more than a fancy term; it's strategic storytelling, it's creating a vibe, it's making everyone feel they're on an exciting journey together.

The Journey of Change: Tailor-Made and Inclusive
The key is to make this journey tailor-made. One size doesn't fit all in change. It's about understanding the diverse dynamics of your organization and crafting a narrative that speaks to each. This personalized approach is what makes the change not just insightful but desirable too. It's about inclusivity, ensuring everyone finds their place and voice in this new chapter.

The Bottom Line: Change Needs Heart
To wrap it up, successful change isn't just about new systems or rules. To truly transform your organization, you need to ignite the hearts and minds of your people. That's where Restless Minds™ comes in. We'll help you create a change journey that's not just effective, but also inspiring. With our Change Marketing expertise, we'll tailor a narrative that resonates with every employee, every team, and every division. We'll make them feel part of something bigger, something that excites them about the future.

Are you ready? Transform from within
Let's ignite the passion and drive your people need to embrace change and achieve extraordinary results.


A transformation journey doesn't have to be overwhelming or break the bank. Small, customized steps can set the foundation for a successful transformation. This is where our workshops, Inspire Minds™ and Inspire Hearts™, play a crucial role.



Inspire Minds™ is designed to help you create a vision that is not only ambitious but also resonates with your entire organization. We guide you through a process of aligning leadership and crafting a shared and ambitious vision, turning your goals and plans into a unified and compelling direction. This workshop fills a critical gap in most transformation efforts: creating a vision that excites and engages everyone involved.


Inspire Hearts™ focuses on the power of storytelling in driving successful change. Led by experts Charlotte Feremans and Jo Van Grinderbeek, this workshop teaches you how to craft and convey an inspiring change narrative. It’s about turning the transformation into a story that touches the hearts of your employees, increasing buy-in and enthusiasm for the journey ahead.

Ready to transform your organization with an inspiring change journey?
Join our workshops, Inspire Minds™ and Inspire Hearts™, and discover how to ignite passion, drive engagement, and build a culture of positive perception and behavior.

Inspire Change

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