Rebranding with Purpose:
The Evolution of iFacto Group into Oxygen Group

Oxygen Group

Oxygen Group, originally iFacto Group, sought to redefine itself as a leader in Microsoft Business Applications. This transformation, driven by Restless Minds™, aimed to realign the company’s identity with its vision of delivering top-quality, value-added solutions.

Challenge and Strategy
The core challenge was to transcend beyond a superficial change in visual identity and align the company’s core values, highlighting Oxygen Group's strengths—reliable and high-quality solutions with its business strategy. The goal was to develop a brand identity that was not only visually appealing but also deeply integrated into every aspect of the company's operations and culture.

Our Strategy
Restless Minds™ employed a holistic approach, focusing on several key areas:

  • Brand as the Organization's Heartbeat: We aimed to integrate the brand deeply into the company, aligning it with both market needs and internal culture, thereby building trust and connection at every level.
  • Cultural Evolution Over Revolution: Our strategy was not just about revolutionizing the brand but evolving the company culture. We embedded the brand’s promise into every facet of the organization, resulting in a complete metamorphosis.
  • Strategic Focus: Our strategy included uniting the team under a shared vision for transformation, ensuring internal alignment with the brand promise, bridging gaps between external image and internal operations, and cultivating adaptability and strategic growth within the team.

The transformation successfully positioned Oxygen Group as a reliable and innovative leader. This strategic evolution went beyond a visual makeover; it reflected in cohesive internal culture, and strengthened market presence.

Oxygen Group's journey from iFacto Group showcases how effective branding aligns with business goals and core values, transforming the company into a symbol of trust and quality in Microsoft Business Applications.

Internal Brand Alignment
This service focused on engaging employees with the new brand identity through workshops and training, ensuring internal coherence and commitment to the brand’s new direction.
Cultural Integration and Change Management
This service addressed the integration of the new brand into the company's culture, advising on organizational changes and implementing change management strategies to facilitate a smooth brand transition.
Brand Identity Development
This service involved creating a new visual identity that aligned with the company's core values and business strategy, encompassing elements like logo design, color schemes, and visual branding materials.
Strategic Communication and Marketing
This entailed developing a comprehensive communication plan for the new brand, including public relations, digital marketing campaigns, and targeted stakeholder messaging.

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