A Human-Centric Approach to Change

FOD Justice

The Belgium Federal Public Service (FOD) Justice embarked on a significant transformation journey. The objective was not just to revise processes but to fundamentally change the organization's culture and operations. Central to this transformation is a recognition of the critical role of communication in driving effective change. Unlike traditional transformations where change management is often focused on the process-driven aspect, FOD Justice Belgium focused on the 'why' - addressing the core reasons and benefits behind the change.

In the midst of this transformation, a key focus for Restless Minds is stakeholder and communication management, particularly bridging the gap between diverse parties. The emphasis has been on understanding the 'why'—delving deep into the reasons for change and fostering consensus among varied stakeholders. This approach, focusing on collaboration and mutual understanding, is the ideal way to write the journey of change together with different parties. It has been vital in gaining a thorough insight into the necessity of the change and in collaboratively crafting a path forward. This attention to stakeholder dynamics is crucial, as it ensures that all voices are heard and that the change is not only about procedural shifts but also about aligning the collective vision and efforts of everyone involved.

The communication-centric approach is proving to be effective in ensuring a more successful transformation journey. This case exemplifies that successful change goes beyond mere processes and systems; it is fundamentally about people. Understanding the perspectives of stakeholders and focusing on strategic communication are essential in navigating the complexities of organizational change. This scenario serves as a powerful testament to the role of communication in transforming not only the operations but also the very culture of an organization.

Stakeholder Identification, Analysis, and Engagement
Identify and engage diverse stakeholder groups, understanding their unique needs and perspectives to ensure inclusive participation.
Stakeholder Management
Maintain continuous interaction with stakeholders, manage their concerns, and keep them informed and aligned with the change process.
Narrative Development for Change
Collaboratively create and communicate compelling change narratives that resonate with all stakeholders, fostering a shared understanding and

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