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FOD Justice

Restless Minds, in partnership with Cronos Public Services and PwC, has embarked on a groundbreaking journey to transform the Federal Public Service of Justice in Belgium. Our mission goes beyond mere change management – we aim to inspire change.

The transformation commenced with the development of a shared, ambitious vision to actively involve over 24,000 employees, laying a solid foundation for this transformative journey. A key part of the change strategy is the use of powerful storytelling, enabling us to connect personally with staff at all levels. This approach is instrumental in transforming the broad organizational change into a personal experience for everyone, a crucial step in making the organization more innovative, agile, and focused on people.

As the transformation continues, our focus is on harmoniously integrating technological advancements with organizational reforms, always with a clear focus on the employee experience. This journey is more than just a technological upgrade – it's a fundamental shift in the inner workings of the organization, embodying Restless Minds' belief that real change is both inspired and owned by everyone involved.

Stakeholder Engagement Analysis
Identification and analysis of stakeholder groups to tailor the vision to diverse needs and concerns, ensuring broad support and commitment.
Persuasive Communication Analysis
Analyzing the language of the vision statement to ensure it's compelling and resonates effectively with diverse audience segments, optimizing for clarity and persuasive impact.
Visioning alignment
Facilitated sessions with diverse organizational members to collaboratively develop and refine a shared vision, ensuring it aligns with common goals and values.
Focus Group Testing
Conducting focus groups within the organization to test different versions of the vision, gathering feedback, and assessing the impact to refine and optimize the vision statement.

Inspire Change

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