Why marketing changes the game of change?
most organizations approach change management from a purely operational perspective, focusing on processes and systems. However, this often overlooks the human element of change, which is often the biggest barrier to success. Marketing can change the game of change by providing a more human-centered approach to transformation. By focusing on the needs and motivations of employees, customers, and other stakeholders, marketing can help to create a more supportive and engaging environment for change.
Is RM™ an agency or a consultancy?
We are a change consultancy that blends marketing and change management principles to drive genuine and enduring transformation within our clients' organizations. Our approach begins with internal transformation, ensuring that any changes—digital, organizational, or rebranding—are deeply rooted in the company's core beliefs and values. This sets us apart from traditional agencies, which often focus solely on external representation. By starting with internal transformation, we ensure that our clients' changes are authentic, successful, and sustainable over time. We excel at the strategic and tactical phases of change initiatives, while collaborating with a network of best-in-class change managers, business developers, organizational psychologists, designers, and copywriters to deliver exceptional operational outcomes.
What kind of transformations does RM™ support?
We help organizations navigate complex transformations, from digital advancements to organizational restructuring and sustainability initiatives. We believe that successful transformations are about fundamentally changing the way people think, act, and interact. To accomplish this, we leverage change marketing techniques ensuring that transformations not only take hold but also thrive.
We brand your change
Our client list includes high-impact organizations such as the Federal Public Service of Justice and Port of Antwerp-Bruges, lifestyle labels such as Toos Franken, and technical companies such as iFacto Group. A varied list of organizations with very different activities that have at least two things in common: a no-nonsense mindset and a willingness to take change to the next level.

Inspire Change

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