The future of investigations begin with emerging technologies

Facial composite sketches. We currently have 4 forensic sketch artists in Belgium. They draw between 1.000 to 1.200 sketches a year. What if we multiply that number with thousands more. It would put the right tools to produce high-resolution facial composite sketches in every officer's hand without any artistic talent required. This way we can generate more leads and improve effectiveness while keeping the process simple, accurate, fast, and widely available. But even more importantly, it keeps our streets and citizens safer.



1. People forget. People tend to forget accurate details after a short period of time. The sooner a mug-shot is created the better every ‘facial feature’ detail is preserved. 

2. Gather trust. The more ‘exact’ information police collect, the more trust they will gain from victims and/or witnesses. It provokes a feeling of ‘taking care of’ and ‘recognition’ in the victim's mind.

3. Ongoing crime. When the police arrive at a crime scene, it doesn’t necessarily mean the crime is over. There is a good chance that the perpetrator is (still) on the run. In those cases, it would be better to have more tangible information than the usual age, gender, skin tone, and clothing description.


This service is a computer-based facial composite system that makes the creation of facial composites very simple and widely available to every police force and law enforcement officer on the job. This way results become more effective. We use a simple face generator that everyone can use with ease. Our face generator is connected with the national database of mugshots. We can instantly match profiles with each other and every officer has almost instant access to the detailed profile description of the perpetrator. Our mission is to solve crimes, faster, easier, and more affordable.


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