Transforming the Department of Justice:
A Journey Towards Success

In 2020, the Department of Justice embarked on a transformative journey to embrace the digital age. However, previous attempts at change had created uncertainty and disarray within the organization due to a top-down approach. Recognizing the need for a different approach, the Department of Justice sought the expertise of Restless Minds, a creative change consultancy, to drive a successful transformation that would keep all stakeholders informed, motivated, and aligned throughout the process.

Establishing a Clear Vision for Organizational Alignment

At the core of any successful transformation lies the imperative to align every layer of the organization from the very beginning and maintain that alignment throughout. To achieve this, Restless Minds prioritized the development of a clear and concise vision that articulated the direction the Department of Justice as a whole should pursue. This vision, still embraced today, serves as a guiding light, shaping every step of the transformation across all levels of the organization.


Restless Minds' Value Proposition for the Department of Justice

As a creative change consultancy, Restless Minds actively contributes to the Digital Transformation Office, the nerve center of the department's digital journey. With a focus on people, Restless Minds provides guidance on change and communication strategies, ensuring that all stakeholders are effectively guided through their individual change processes. By employing well-defined vision-driven communication tactics, Restless Minds facilitates open and transparent communication, effectively branding the change initiatives and promoting successful transformation.


Emphasizing the Human Element in Driving Change

Traditional change management approaches often prioritize technological and process shifts, neglecting the critical factor of employee engagement. Restless Minds recognizes the need to bridge the "engagement gap" between leaders and employees by understanding and addressing employee values and priorities. By actively listening to their concerns, leaders can align the change plan with what employees truly value, inspiring them to become active agents of change.

Crafting and Delivering a Compelling Message

The execution phase of any transformation is just as crucial as the planning phase. Lasting change requires leaders to create a message that resonates with employees and consistently deliver it through various communication channels over time. Restless Minds supports leaders in carefully planning and sequencing communication tactics, measuring key behaviors, and adapting strategies as needed. By persuading rather than compelling employees, leaders foster a sense of ownership and cultivate a willingness to embrace change.


Branding the Change for Lasting Impact

A clear vision and an inspiring narrative are fundamental to driving true and sustainable change. Restless Minds begins the strategic process by condensing the Department of Justice's ambitions into a straightforward and compelling long-term vision. This narrative serves as a compass, determining the strategic direction and enabling all involved to envision the better future they are collectively working towards. By fostering buy-in from employees, partners, and the target audience, Restless Minds ensures the development of a shared purpose and establishes a solid foundation for sustainable change.

Implementation of the
Strategic Framework


The Department of Justice has experienced the tangible benefits of this strategic framework in several ways. An internal communication platform, JustTalk, was established to ensure all stakeholders were aligned and actively engaged in the transformation process. By informing, inspiring, motivating, and enthusing employees, JustTalk is becoming the driving force behind communication-related to the department's transformation.

To provide a clear roadmap for the digital transformation journey, Restless Minds devised a user-friendly digital tool that encompasses the entire scope of the transformation. This roadmap allows individuals to focus on what matters most to them, while presenting a timeline of next steps, giving everyone a clear view of progress and the future ahead.

Recognizing the importance of a unified approach, Restless Minds organized a benchmark event named "Iedereen mee / Tous à bord," inviting all department employees to participate digitally. This event served as an opportunity to reiterate the necessity of the digital stay on for as long as necessary to make sure each and every one of them runs smoothly


Revitalizing Trust: Unifying Through a Landmark Event

Navigating a complex organizational structure like the Department of Justice poses challenges when it comes to disseminating information to all stakeholders simultaneously. Recognizing this, we orchestrated an event that would encompass the entire organization. Leveraging the power of digital platforms, we designed an inclusive gathering, ensuring maximum attendance. With a fitting name, "Iedereen mee / Tous à bord," we aimed to rally everyone together and foster alignment.

During this digital event, we reaffirmed the fundamental reasons behind the digital transformation, elucidating its significance for the Department of Justice as a whole and, most importantly, for each individual employee. Our objective was to provide comprehensive information, address concerns, and answer pertinent questions, guaranteeing that the entire organization maintained unity and prepared itself for the path ahead.

By creating an environment conducive to open dialogue and knowledge sharing, we are working on renewed confidence and faith in the transformation process. We emphasized the shared vision, the benefits of embracing change, and each employee's role in shaping the future. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensured that every participant received the information they needed to contribute to the journey forward actively.

Through this landmark event, we demonstrated our commitment to transparency and inclusivity, recognizing the significance of engaging the entire workforce. By fostering a sense of belonging and purpose, we paved the way for a cohesive and united approach to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.



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