A Transformative Concept for Law Enforcement.

Restless Minds™ participated in the Smart Policing Hackathon initiated by the Federal Police Belgium, with a mission to innovate and improve the effectiveness of policing through smart solutions. The challenge identified by Restless Minds™ was to multiply the number of forensic sketch artists in Belgium and equip every officer with the tools to produce high-resolution facial composite sketches without requiring artistic talent. This case study explores the implementation of a computer-based facial composite system that revolutionizes the way facial composites are created and utilized in law enforcement.


The limited number of forensic sketch artists in Belgium (currently only four) hinders the ability to generate sufficient sketches to aid investigations effectively. Restless Minds™ sought to address this challenge by developing a solution that enables every officer to create facial composites effortlessly and rapidly, resulting in more leads and improved effectiveness in solving crimes.



Increase the number of facial composite sketches generated by leveraging technology.
Preserve accurate details by creating mug shots soon after an incident occurs.
Build trust with victims and witnesses by collecting precise information.
Provide officers with tangible information beyond basic descriptions like age, gender, skin tone, and clothing.



Restless Minds™ conceptualized a computer-based facial composite system that simplifies the creation of facial composites and makes it widely accessible to all law enforcement officers. The system leverages a user-friendly face generator connected to the national database of mugshots, facilitating instant profile matching and access to detailed perpetrator descriptions.



Improved Sketch Production: By enabling every officer to create facial composites, the system greatly increases the number of sketches produced, thereby significantly boosting the likelihood of generating leads and successfully resolving crimes.

Timely Preservation of Details: By promptly creating mug shots following an incident, accurate details are preserved before witnesses or victims begin to forget crucial features. Enhanced Trust: The meticulous collection of precise information through facial composites cultivates trust between the police and victims/witnesses, showcasing care and acknowledgment.

Enhanced Ongoing Investigations: When responding to a crime scene, officers can access tangible information beyond basic descriptions, thus assisting in the apprehension of perpetrators who may still be at large.





Restless Minds™ presents a groundbreaking concept for a computer-based facial composite system that aims to revolutionize how law enforcement officers create and utilize facial composites. This concept is designed to leverage advanced technology, providing officers with an enhanced tool for generating accurate and detailed perpetrator descriptions. While this is a conceptual idea, if realized, it has the potential to contribute to smarter and more effective policing, ultimately ensuring safer streets and citizens.


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