Hacking What's Relevant: A New Narrative for Successful Change.

We are living in an era of exponential technological growth. It is time for organizations to adapt to a new reality. Now more than ever, organizations must be able to pivot, change, and adapt to quickly changing environments to stay ahead of the curve. What once worked to ensure market relevance and competitiveness is now becoming obsolete. The ability to adapt to a changing environment and using it to grow and evolve is what makes organizations stand out and outgrow their competitors.

However, transitioning from old practices to new ones is a big challenge for many companies. According to Mckinsey, no less than 70% of all transformations fail to meet their intended objectives.

According to Restless Minds, a successful transformation can only happen when we go further than the outdated methods that just are not fitting the bill anymore. Because in an environment where change happens at warp speed, outdated management practices cannot keep up.

So, what’s the solution?

If we want to make change successful, we need to hack into what is relevant and necessary in our environment and society. Today, this means that we have to shift our focus and change narrative towards people and break free from outdated change management that focuses on technology and process change first.


It's essential to understand what
employees care about by asking
and listening to them.

Leaders who assume that they already know what their employees value and prioritize without actually asking them set themselves up for failure. This creates an "engagement gap" between leaders and employees, where employees feel like change is happening to them rather than with them, leading to skepticism and resistance. To bridge this gap, it's essential to understand what employees care about by asking and listening to them. By connecting the plan to what employees value, leaders can inspire them to become active agents of change.

By connecting the plan to what
employees value, leaders can
inspire them to become active
agents of change.


However, the execution phase is just as important as the planning phase. To initiate lasting change, leaders must craft a message that resonates with employees and consistently deliver it through various channels over time. This requires careful planning and sequencing of tactics, measuring key behaviors and adapting the strategy as needed. This way leaders can persuade rather than compel employees to change.


Our proven Restless Minds™ approach in making your change successful consists of three phases:


Phase #1 — Define the Change.

Phase one is often overlooked, but this phase is essential for setting the stage for any complex transformation. What does your target audience need? What are your own people missing? And what do you want to stand for as an organization?

Successful transformation relies on knowing exactly where the organization is headed and having a detailed plan for how it will get there. Therefore we leave no stone unturned and engage with stakeholders across your organization and beyond to explore where things go wrong and how you can improve.

Phase #2
— Brand the Change

Everything starts with a clear vision and a story to believe in. Buy-in from employees, partners, and the target audience is vital to building true, sustainable change. That is why we start the strategic process by condensing your organization’s ambitions into a straightforward and inspiring long-term vision – a clear narrative that will help you determine a strategic direction and help everyone involved envision the better future they’re working towards.


Phase #3
— Guide the Change

Change can be scary, and simply sharing facts will not make the transition easier. It is as important to get people emotionally invested by inspiring them to see the change as necessary, logical, and desirable. To help you realize your vision, we draw up a hands-on action plan with specific deliverables, projects, and recommendations that immediately generate impact. And we stay on for as long as necessary to make sure each and every one of them runs smoothly.

It’s Time


All three phases are equally important and rely on each other to enable the change your business needs. However, to solve a problem or build on an opportunity, you first have to recognize and acknowledge it. Policies, resources, processes, and systems that can’t keep up in the Age of Acceleration are holding you back. Restless Minds™ goes beyond surface-level fixes and focuses on addressing the changes that are truly needed to bring your vision into reality. They understand the importance of tackling the underlying causes of transformation, enabling organizations to achieve meaningful and lasting change. With their expertise, tailored solutions, and support, Restless Minds™ empowers you to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and unlock your true potential. Let us embrace change together and redefine possibilities across different domains, transforming your vision into a tangible and successful reality.


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