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to build better change.


70 percent of all digital transformations fail, according to McKinsey and Everest Group. This is often due to a lack of clear goals, too little dedication from senior management, lack of expertise, and focusing only on technology.

Conventional change management emphasizes reinforcing and embedding desired changes in structures, processes, systems, target settings, and incentives. That's relevant, whatever the case is.

However, to be effective, these mechanisms must consider that people don't always behave rationally. Usually, the introduction of new technologies leads to emotional resistance from employees who are used to and comfortable doing their work in a habitual manner.

Digital transformation is not only about technology. Perhaps it's even more about humans and their will to change hard-wired habits and perceptions. Digital transformation is a journey, it requires changes in behavior and awareness. It's not only a rational but also an emotional shift.



Employees all look at change
through a different lens.

Employees all look at change through a different lens. To use that to our advantage, we need to incorporate small, associative, and incremental change cycles. We need to actively measure and act upon what people feel. Together with employees, we write a shared vision in which everyone feels involved. For employees, by employees. We are all part of a team. Behavior change happens during each new experience and the more you can connect on a personal level, the more effective it will be. Instead of pushing one experience for many, we need to craft many tailored experiences for one. Because everything in life is an experience. Even change. It's a journey, different every day and different for everyone.

Change is not a linear process. Just like people’s needs aren’t linear either.

It takes time for both leadership and employees to adopt the necessary information-sharing mentality and cope with continuously changing conditions. There is always a lack of openness to digitalization, sometimes even pushback from traditional entities. Change is not a linear process. Just like people’s needs aren’t linear either. You need to keep listening to employees’ desires and worries and keep them informed along the way. 


Our solution

We’ll help organizations change scientifically and humanly.

Next to getting employees on one page, you need to have management aligned. Armed with neuroscientific tools, we’ll help organizations change scientifically and humanly. We're pioneers in doing so. Understanding how decisions are made is a key component in generating sustainable change. Our change management expert has a broad background in engineering and consulting. She has specialized in using neuroscience as a tool for successful change. In our transformation guidance, we align science, empathy, and creativity. 

It’s the human experience that counts. Always.

Changing and digitizing an organization is about people. If people aren’t willing to change or get lost in the process, your mission will not succeed. With the right strategy, clear communication, and above all by listening to people’s needs, change can make your organization work better than ever before. Much like with brands, it’s the human experience that counts.

70% of transformation processes fail. We believe we can turn this around, by putting empathy, dialogue, strong vision, and clear communication at the core. Change management and communication are usually separate disciplines, resulting in inefficient and ineffective pass-through. We combine both, aligning all components needed for successful and sustainable transformations.

We are here to shake up your view on how humans think & behave in business organizations. Business leaders have lost too much time trying to deploy change and strategy without truly understanding the complexity of human nature. Digging deep into the human mind & soul is no longer a soft approach but stems directly from scientific studies.

Restless Minds™ is your unique connection between strategy and creativity, between minds and hearts, between businesses and people. We’re seekers of truth and masters of insight.


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