We help brands connect with people — by understanding people.

Restless Minds™ is your creative strategy partner operating within the field of design anthropology*. We specialize in the combination of research, strategy, and the ability to turn insights into valuable change/experiences through tangible concepts and design principles. 

*Design Anthropology is the process of utilizing insights and interpretations in a collaborative process with the purpose of designing something relevant and valuable to people on both sides of the brand or organization.



We help brands and organizations uncover how people act and react to change, barriers and possibilities - and help them succeed by providing them with concepts that aim to change the way people play, buy, live and work for the better.

Insights, Trends & Research
Creative Strategy
Brand Experiences
Creative Guidance

Insights for innovation

Discover the patterns for growth

There are patterns and movements to be found within all types of human behavior. If we can see and distill these signs, they will help us to understand what truly motivates and moves people. Alongside accessible data and existing knowledge, human insights help us to develop products, services, and experiences that address both the current and future needs of markets and customers.

Journey mapping

Understand how and where you can make a difference for people

People move in mysterious ways. The best way to ensure that your brand meets existing and potential customer demands is to map and describe their journey and points of contact over time. But to fully understand, you need to move beyond the factual interaction and understand the human motivation behind the movement.

Brand strategy and platforms

Set a new direction with a human-centered brand strategy

In the process of change, it is important to ensure that everyone is moving in the same direction. By developing your brand platform with a deep understanding of what motivates people on both sides of your organization, you will be able to create strong relations between your organization and your customers.

Brand experience design

Transform insights into relevant human experiences

Change happens when you turn strategy into tangible experiences - physical, digital or virtual. Value is created when we can provide people with an experience that leaves them feeling better, stronger, or more empowered than before.

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