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                           In a world of continuous change, mastering that change is key. But change in itself is not enough. At Restless Minds™ we are constantly looking for ways to do things not just differently, but better, too. With our open, creative approach to transformation, we help organizations make the right changes in the right places – from rewiring flows to adjusting the way they connect to people. All so they can build smart, future-proof organizations that actually make a difference.


How it works.

The world is changing every day: the population, customer trends, technology, and the economy is changing. Change happens in every organization, and every organization must adapt to that change to maintain its position in the market. When it comes to change, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Which parts of your organization need change and what you can do differently strongly depends on your reality. That is why we start with an open mind instead of a fixed set of services. There is, however, one constant: each transformation project consists of three key phases.


We start off by analyzing what your target audience needs, what you want to stand for as an organization and what the ideal situation for all stakeholders looks like. We leave no stone unturned and engage with stakeholders across your organization and beyond to find out where things go wrong and what you can do better.



We condense your organization’s ambitions into one straightforward and inspiring long-term vision – a guiding light that will help you determine a strategic direction for the future and that gives stakeholders something to believe in. Getting buy-in from everyone involved – in your organization and beyond – is an important step, because true change only happens when everyone is on board.


Based on your organization's needs, we assemble a team of external partners to bring your transformation plans to life. As your main strategic partner, we are never far away: we closely monitor your vision throughout the entire transformation trajectory and we ensure all partners start from a shared strategic basis. We continue to support and advise decision-makers in your organization until everything runs smoothly and everyone is on board.

Restless Minds™ helps organizations change, innovate and connect for the better. 


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We help organizations change for the better.
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