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Case : Patient experience — Agency : WeWantMore

 Deliver patient experiences that exceed expectations at every stage of the journey. Engage patients and families on their own terms at every step of the journey, from setting an appointment, real-time information, telehealth to post-treatment follow-up all in one experience. 


Manage the entire patient journey with one single experience to identify the moments that matter most and close the loop with patients, quickly.


Functionality preview


  • Itsme® your digital ID, to log in securely, to share your ID data or to sign by using your mobile phone. It’s a smart, easy and well known way to login. Our service can link your medical profile to your account. By doing this you get limited acces to your medical history.
  • Link your children or elders to the app.

  • Your app is personalized. It calls you by your own name. And uses your data to optimize your personal experience.

  • Visually impaired - accessibility features.

Before the visit

  • Digital consultation. Reserve your spot in our digital consultation room. Appointment management inside your app. Create new appointments for a virtual or real life consultation.

  • Notifications of upcoming appointments. The app notifies you when its time to leave to be on time.

  • Plan your trip. The app calculates your total time spent for an appointment from A to B to A. It keeps track of the weather conditions and suggest alternative ways of travel based on these conditions. 

During the visit

  • Bring your own device. We supply you with fun entertainment for young and old. You can watch snack-able content videos (+/-15mins each), listen to relaxing music or read one of our digital magazines. 

  • The app knows when you arrive (geo-fence) and will guide you to the right waiting area. A notification will pop-up to welcome you and you are automatically signed in.

  • The specialist adds his personalized advise inside your app. This you can read later on. 

After the visit

  • Follow up and coach. If you don’t follow your specialists advise it can remind you from time to time to take action. An example could be: 'Advise: go on a daily walk to reduce stress and be active.'
    'Notification : Hi Laura, it’s time to go outside and enjoy nature.'

  • Smart and independent notifications based on your profile. An example could be: '35° and Sunny. Hi Laura, it’s ver hot outside and the sun is shining. We advise you to use sunscreen and avoid sunburn.'

Client : WeWantMore

Agency : Restless Minds™

Partner : Defiant

Service : Creative Strategy, Insights, Trends and Research, Concepting

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