The future of federal Police investigations.

Federal Police

Case : Hackathon, future technology — Agency : Rhinox

 The innovations that are shaping the future of investigations begin with emerging technologies that help detectives spot the vital clues they need to solve crimes. 


3D Scan of entire crime scenes in great detail. — Investigate a crime scene
today, tomorrow, and in the future.

3D Capturing of crime scenes allows us to document evidence, the interpretation of every fact, and, ultimately and hopefully, the discovery of truth. Investigators can virtually return to a scene at any time in the present and future and leisurely without the time-consuming hassle of obtaining new warrants or dealing with an altered and unrecognizable scene. With this detailed 3D data, investigators can view the scene from multiple viewpoints and analyze potential connections with evidence on the scene. It allows the investigator to compare the evidence with the different (or differing) statements. It's also the perfect way to train new investigators in an actual crime scene simulator (VR). And investigate a real crime scene in great detail. 


Computer-based facial composite system. — When things go bad. It’s better to act fast.

This service is a computer-based facial composite system that makes the creation of facial composites very simple and widely available to every police force and law enforcement officer on the job. This way, results become more effective. We use a simple face generator that everyone can use with ease. Our face generator is connected with the national database of mugshots. We can instantly match profiles with each other and every officer has almost instant access to the detailed profile description of the perpetrator. Our mission is to solve crimes, faster, easier, and more affordable. 

Agency : Rhinox

Service : Future vision

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