Make Your Mark

Make your Mark
— Personalised shoe soles.

Make Your Mark — invites you to create a shoe with your very own sole: as unique as you are, with your design DNA. With every step you take, it will make your mark on earth, on the pavement on a rainy day, in snow, in mud, in the sand, in concrete, in the dust. Wherever you go, wherever you stand. Stand out. Step forward. Make your steps yours and yours alone. Who knows where they will take you – or others.


Why did we create this?

While the millennials grew up without the internet – as we know it today, at least – the new generation will be born into it.

They are growing up amidst the social media explosion and internet maturity. They understand what the status quo is, not that it was defined for them. Brands won’t spring up to offer them services anymore. Brands will, instead, shape up according to their needs.

Generation Z understands that branding is a thing, and they want it too. They don’t want to sell you by allowing you to brand them, though. They want to sell themselves by being a personal brand, and as brand, you can help them get there.

This takes parts of the work out of the hand of brand strategists and experts who spend all their hours cooking up what the market might like. The work will now be evenly distributed between the users and the creators – the users bringing the idea and the creators buying into it. Brand systems will change from static branding to adaptable branding identities.

That could mean a lot of things. From personalizing your own shoes like the concept above (going as far as having a peculiar 3D message show up on them) to getting a branded pair of home appliances, the possibilities are endless when it comes to making a personal mark.

Looking at all of these, the new generation will seek to bring back the authenticity and originality that might have been lost on the millennial set. Only thing is, they are going to do it better, given all the resources they have at their disposal.


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