Restless Minds™ is a difficult to define, but exciting to work at agency. We embrace and foster curious, creative minds with a diverse and resilient set of skills. It’s our purpose to challenge the status quo and shape decisions that will improve people's lives.


We are looking for a copywriter to help write the future.

Someone who, through their writing, can inspire, motivate and engage people, to get them moving, to make them believe in a vision and convince them to fully stand behind that vision.

Are you a strong conceptual thinker? Are you someone who can string words together into inspiring and activating  texts? ? Do you have a knack for coming up with ideas, but can you also write headlines, slogans and texts? Do you have a dynamic personality and are culturally aware? Do you speak and write perfectly bilingual?

 And above all, do you want to start working with us?

What does the job entail?

Creates storytelling and strategies for social impact.
Helps to define the verbal identity of each project.
Writes fluent texts that are adapted to the medium and the target group.
Creates impact through collaborations with high-level clients.
Takes on the role of expert within a strong communications team where each member has their specific expertise.
Translates texts from Dutch into French in such a way that both texts evoke the same feeling.
Thoughtfully places the right emphasis in communication so that it inspires, informs and engages.
Translates complex information into clear messages, from digital to human language.
Works closely with strategists and is able to actively participate in brainstorms.
Spell checks and proofreads.

Who are you?

You have an excellent sense of language.
You are perfectly bilingual French - Dutch.
You have a lot of expression and imagination.
You are able to translate digital into human language.
You have a fluent pen and can quickly and efficiently write creative texts within a certain format.
You are flexible and you keep punctual deadlines.
You are also open to feedback from your colleagues and give respectful feedback yourself.
You are a warm and open-minded person.
You like to be challenged.

How do we work?

At RestlessMinds™ we are committed to a sense of community, trust, transparency and respect for each other.
We work as an integrated team and expect everyone to work hard, wear multiple hats and work efficiently.

This is a freelance job.

Do you see yourself realizing this impact? 
Contact us ASAP.

We embrace and expand curious, creative minds to challenge the status quo and shape decisions that will improve peoples’ lives.

We help organisations serve people better.

We help organisations serve people better, whether it’s through products, services or experiences. We see things others don’t. We blend together a diverse range of expertise to provide a unique perspective and solve our client’s problems. And in turn, foster success for organisations.

Beliefs and values

We build relationships based on openness, support,
empathy and respect. Connecting people, ideas and action is what we thrive on. 

We embrace ambiguity and push boundaries.
The opportunities to think and create are endless.

We convert complexity into elegant simplicity.
We are clear about the path we are taking and deliberate in our journey.

We share our knowledge, skills and thinking.
Continuous learning powers us forward.

RestlessMinds™ is your unique connection between strategy and creativity, between minds and hearts, between businesses and people. We’re seekers of truth and masters of insight.


Restless Minds™

Kontich, Belgium

+32 0488 86.86.34


We help brands and organisations
change, innovate and connect.

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