We are here to shake up your view on how humans think & behave in business organizations. Business leaders have lost too much time trying to deploy change and strategy without truly understanding the complexity of human nature. Digging deep into the human mind & soul is no longer a soft approach but stems directly from scientific studies.

70% of transformation processes fail. We believe we can turn this around, by putting empathy, dialogue, strong vision, and clear communication at the core. Change management and communication are usually separate disciplines, resulting in inefficient and ineffective pass-through. We combine both, aligning all components needed for successful and sustainable transformations.

Using science and empathy
to build better change.


employee & market research
human reasoning & behavior analysis
strategic and creative guidance
inspiration sessions
change strategy 
change communication strategy
employee engagement

Restless Minds™ is paired with a coalition of 6000 independent, best-in-class specialists. We synthesize transformation, citizen, and brand experiences.


Mindspeller created the world’s largest, EEG-validated association mindmap to ensure organizations evokes shared employee passions.

Insights and cases.

Restless Minds™ is your unique connection between strategy and creativity, between minds and hearts, between businesses and people. We’re seekers of truth and masters of insight.


Restless Minds™

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We help brands and organizations
change, innovate and connect.

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