Brands exist only in our minds, it’s the sum of all the impressions we have, based on every interaction we’ve had. Found at the unconscious level, they create emotional memories and associations. It’s how we perceive the brand attributes and associate them with ourselves that creates the unconscious value of a brand. 

Some brands evoke feelings of innovation and technology, while other brands are untrustworthy and have a bad reputation. People don’t separate the brand’s identity and promise from the actual experience that they have. People assess brands by what they do and how they make them feel. The success of a brand is measured through the emotional reward experienced.

People assess brands by what they do and how they make them feel. We help you connect through innovative experiences.


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Restless Minds™ is paired with a coalition of 6000 independent, best-in-class specialists. We synthesize transformation, citizen, and brand experiences.


Mindspeller created the world’s largest, EEG-validated brand association mindmap to ensure the brand evokes shared customer passions.


NoComputer is a creative technology lab, exploring new forms of interaction to create engaging experiences. They build interactive installations/experiences, use code to design (art, branded content & generative identities) and prototype new types of software.

Insights and cases.

Restless Minds™ is your unique connection between strategy and creativity, between minds and hearts, between businesses and people. We’re seekers of truth and masters of insight.


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